Nutrition Guide For Addiction Recovery

Consider getting a CBC blood test to find out the nutrient deficiencies in your body. Many insurance plans cover lab work, but be sure to check with yours just in case. If modifying your diet during recovery feels overwhelming, no need to worry.

  • The only way to protect the liver long-term is to eliminate or drastically reduce alcohol consumption.
  • There are many studies on how alcohol and CBD react with each other, and many of them found the same outcome.
  • Liver damage, which is already an issue with significant alcohol consumption, becomes even more serious if you are not getting enough of these vitamins.
  • Alcohol use disorder (AUD) can lead to severe deficiency in several vitamins and minerals.

Moreover, low magnesium decreases muscle movement, and low iron can lead to anemia. Whether you’ve just quit drinking or you’re struggling with symptoms of PAWS, this list of supplements and vitamins for alcohol withdrawal can seriously change your life for the better. In this article, I’m going to discuss the best alcohol detox supplements. We will review a number of highly effective supplements for alcoholics that include many basic vitamins and go well beyond them. Vitamin C is an essential water-soluble nutrient that the body needs for many biological processes such as, enzyme reactions, hormone synthesis, and tissue structure. However, some doctors dispute the use of vitamin C supplements and no official guidelines exist for treatment during alcohol withdrawal.

How Does Nutritional Therapy Help?

I have a medicine cabinet filled with the aforementioned supplements, and it feels good to know that I have them just in case I need them. People may need professional help to get them through withdrawal, help manage their symptoms, and provide the best chance of successful rehabilitation. People with vitamin C deficiency or scurvy may also have issues with wound healing, swollen and bleeding gums, tooth loss, and jaundice. Deficiencies in vitamin B1 can lead to cell damage or cell death.

Alcohol Blood Tests: Types Benefits & Procedure Metropolis … – Metropolis Healthcare

Alcohol Blood Tests: Types Benefits & Procedure Metropolis ….

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Overcoming alcohol use disorder can be a long and difficult process, and different people have different needs. But one often-overlooked aspect of beating addiction is nutrition in recovery. As with many other OTC herbal supplements, there’s little convincing evidence that the aforementioned supplements are clinically effective treatments of alcohol dependency. There have been some scientific studies conducted, but a majority involve animal models and show modest findings that rarely translate into conclusive human trials. The primary danger of these supplements in those with alcohol dependency is not necessarily knowing the drug—drug interaction potential or side effects. The real danger may be the possible delay in seeking professional help for the dependence.

Best supplements for alcohol cravings

B-vitamins are a good place to start for recovering alcoholics, who may have deficiencies in these cofactors needed to produce neurotransmitters and feel-good hormones. Giving clients the opportunity to practice good eating habits is essential, especially since food addiction can often replace drug addiction. Vitamin B is an essential vitamin supplement to take when going through alcohol treatment. If it helps to ease the craving you may feel like taking a drink.

  • The most important part of nutrition for recovering alcoholics and addicts is to find the foods that work for you and the ways you like to eat them.
  • It can be an especially good alcohol recovery supplement for people with liver damage.
  • Research shows that DHM can increase the efficacy of enzymes that metabolize alcohol, helping your body to eliminate it faster.
  • Heavy alcohol use is linked to magnesium deficiencies and increased anxiety, so taking these anti-anxiety magnesium supplements for alcohol withdrawal makes perfect sense.
  • It’s important to watch and see what the recommended dosage is per vitamin supplement to make sure you do not take less than what you should.

Many people who struggle with their drinking don’t have enough L-glutamine in their systems. Adding this nutrient can help boost mood in recovery and reduce withdrawal symptoms, making it one of the best supplements for alcohol cravings. If you’re in recovery from alcohol use disorder, adding this supplement into your diet can help with anxiety, depression, chronic pain, and many other issues that might trigger alcohol cravings. DL-phenylalanine can also be a useful supplement for alcohol withdrawal. Using a multivitamin or B-complex vitamin during alcohol withdrawal is helpful for preventing malnourishment of nutrients. Most combination supplements have a higher standard dose for the individual vitamin.

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